Your Guide to a Pocket-friendly Renovation.


Everyone desires for a stunning and heartwarming ambience to live in. And what’s better than being able to get one without burdening your pockets! So if you are tired by the way your living space looks, here we are with some unique and budget-friendly ideas that will surely help you glorify your space.

Don’t look for an architect or designer, Be One

People often think that they need to hire a professional architect or designer for renovating their house. Yes they might help you in giving your space a stunning look in a professional way but, one may have to pay top dollars for it. So just take out some time and help yourself become a designer for your own.
Start with doing some planning on what all things you really think you should change and in what way to change. Make your mind clear on what kind of look you wish to have- contemporary or a modern one, from where do you want to start- kitchen, bathroom, garden or your living room. Once you are ready with your plan, go ahead according to it.

Trying DIYs- always a good idea!

DIYs are always good and pocket- friendly ideas. Wake up the creative head inside you! Try to reuse your old stuff in an innovative manner. From using your old bottles and cans to turn them into vintage lights and vases, adding beautiful frills to glorify your old curtains and pillows: there are a ton of ideas out there that can help you out on your project.

Modify the walls.

Modify the front walls of your room. Grab a tin of pint that you think goes well with the rest of your setup and just paint the front wall of your living room. Many fascinating vinyl stickers are available nowadays in the market. Search for one that defines your style and apply them. They are both alluring and economical.

Make a wall of memories.

It is an undeniable fact that we all today are very fond of capturing our beautiful and special moments as photographs. Why not use these beautiful captured stories as an ornament for your walls. Decorate your wall with your photographs embedded within gorgeous photo frames. This will give your space a stylish look along with reflecting your lifestyle.

Break the grayness!

The use of same colors repeatedly throughout the décor also gives a sense of boredom to your space. Break the consistency of colors. Use a bit of contrasting hues to give your space an exciting tone. But remember, excess of contrasting colors also create a problem. So be very careful while setting up the color scheme for your sweet home.

Design it eco-friendly!

Create an ambience which is not only good for you but also for the nature. Add a little bit of greenery to your space. Small plants hanging outside as well as inside your house gives it a very fresh look and is eco-friendly as well.


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