Worlds Pharmacist Day 2018


25th September 2018 celebrated as World Pharmacist Day. Earlier, in 2009 International Pharmaceutical Federation (FIP)  council designated 25th September as annual world pharmacist day. For this year, “Pharmacist: your medicine expert” is the theme announced by FIP. Like every year, this year also, FIP invites pharmacist around the world to create profile photos for social media accounts using FIP logo or Twibbon in support of pharmacist day.

Why Pharmacist Day?

On this day, the pharmacist receives encouragement from FIP to promote activities. Also, advocate that ‘how a pharmacist aids in improving health’. Pharmacists are the reason behind improving health across the world. Also, they are the most trusted person. Because a person who visits pharmacy stores will receive an ensured medicine from the pharmacist. Moreover, each person is provided with the right dosage of right medicine as per the need.

Theme Highlights

  • FIP’s President said, “the focus is on the extensive expertise that pharmacist have and put to use every day to ensure better patient health”.
  • He added, “the expertise is applied through science and research, through educating the next generation, and through transforming patients needs into services”.
  • The theme emphasizes that the pharmacist have a wide range of knowledge. Also, the trusted source for both patients and professionals of health care.
  • Patients must be provided with the most suitable medicines without any harm.
  • Also, to ensure each patient receives optimal treatment, pharmacists work with professionals of health care.
  • Pharmacists are one of the easiest accessible professionals and they use experience and learning in preventing illness and protecting health.

So, we salute all the pharmacist for their extent of work to improve overall health care and wish them a very happy worlds pharmacist day!!



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