World Tourism Day 2018


Every year on 27th September we observe World Tourism Day. Today, we are celebrating across the globe. This year theme is “Tourism and Digital Transformation”. The Digital advances can bring the awareness and overall development of the place.

Message from World Tourism Organisation

“This year, World Tourism Day highlights the need for investment in disruptive digital technologies that can help foster an environment for innovation and entrepreneurship in tourism.

We live in an increasingly connected and interdependent world with digital advances transforming how we inform ourselves, transforming our behaviour, and encouraging innovation. We need not only new tools but also new capacities and ways of thinking.”

Also, “The sheer size of global tourism and its impact on many other sectors, and all of the Sustainable Development Goals put it at the forefront of social responsibility, which today goes hand-in-hand with innovation on all levels.

Harnessing innovation and digital advances provides tourism with opportunities to improve inclusiveness, local community empowerment and efficient resource management, amongst other objectives within the wider sustainable development agenda. The digital transformation is about providing benefits to all, and we are making sure that tourism contributes to this global commitment.”

Why WTD?

The main aim is to raise awareness that the tourism holds a major impact on development and economy. The celebration of WTD started in 1980 to mark the adopted statue of UNWTO annual celebrations. Also, in 1970 the statue was adopted.

How does tourism help in the country’s development and economy?

There will be a greater impact of tourism on the country’s economy as well as development. Tourism provides cultural awareness, creates employment and develops infrastructure. Also, it helps in preserving the cultural and traditional values.

With the development of infrastructure and maintenance more and more people tend to visit the place and thus rise in economic value. Thus, contributing to government revenues and taxes. Also, tourism aids in showcasing the local art and culture. In addition to the preservation of heritage.

How digital technology helps?

We are living in a digital world where flight booking, bus or train booking made online. Many tourists search for different available hotels, food & cabs online. The digital platform also helps to know the reviews about the place or food or hotel. Even before visiting the place the tourist will have an overview of the place. Also, social media is very much based on digital connectivity. So, a tourist can also see the photograph of that place and decide to visit.


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