Ways to teach ABC and 123 for your toddler


Toddler grasps things fastly and they have a great observing skill. Moreover, all the day along with their regular routine they will be observing parents, how they do things? So, teaching ABC and 123 will not be a great task for parents.

All about ABC and 123


Count Loudly

Count the toys loudly while placing them back in the box. Everyday count number of stairs while climbing up and down. Place different fruits or vegetables and count them loudly. They will join you automatically. Also, count the number of dresses while folding your washed clothes. Additionally, you can also hang charts in their room and count loudly.

Rhythmic way

It is the most catchy and attractive way for your toddler. They get attracted to songs more. So, you can actually sing basic rhymes like the alphabetic song, number song, phonics song loudly at your home while you are playing with your toddler. Also, you can play the audios to your toddler.


Prepare worksheets or charts with alphabets and numbers and ask them to colour each one. This will help to recognize different alphabets and numbers. Also, they will learn to count. You can also ask them to pick the same coloured sketches or pencils and count. Thus, they will learn numbers. Place the magnetic alphabets on the refrigerator to attract them and play with alphabets.

Play-way methods

Introduce to your toddler different games that include numbers or alphabets. So, while playing they will learn it automatically. Counting fingers, Blocks with alphabets, Using clay make alphabets and writing on the sand,

Read ABC Books

There are plenty of alphabet books available choose the one which you feel attracts your toddler. You can also prepare your own ABC book with fruits, vegetables and animals.

Matching Alphabets and Numbers

Prepare a chart and ask them to match the same alphabets or the same numbers. Write a few alphanumeric words and ask them to identify them.

At the top of all most importantly repeat frequently. As repetition is one thing that makes to store the things in mind easily.



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