Treatment for lower back pain.


Lower back pain treatment.

Are you one of those suffering from storming lower back pain? Are you fed up of taking medicines and expensive physiotherapies?

If yes, then you are at the right spot. Here we are with some of the best proven techniques that could be simply done by you to get rid of lower back pain.

Keep stretching it out.

Yes, exercising is the key treatment as well as prevention for all your physical problems.

If you are experiencing lower back pain, then, keep doing light exercise on a regular basis. Make sure, that your exercise routine have stretching in it.

Avoid bed rest.

Studies have shown that, excessive rest from physical activity might lead to increased lower back pain. Hence, don’t stop working. Keep your body on move and in habit of it.

Basically, don’t opt for bed rest until or unless an expert advises you to do so.

Ice it!

Experts recommend icing the affected area for first 48 hours after injury.

Especially, in the case of a strain, icing can give you a lot of comfort. The main purpose of applying ice is actually to avoid swelling or inflammation and the discomfort caused by the same.

Now give it some warmth!

After icing your back for initial days, start using hot pads. A little bit of warmth will make your lower back muscles relaxed and hence control the pain.

Right body posture.

Always opt for a right body posture. Be it standing, sitting, working out or sleeping; make sure that your body posture is perfect.

According to the experts, bad postures are the main reason behind lower back pain.

Don’t try to force your body to do something that it’s not able to do.



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