Top 9 Magic Benefits of Alovera


Alovera is packed with high medicinal values and can be grown easily with minimal water supplement. Alovera leaf stores water in it which looks fleshy and the texture is smooth. The gel present in the leaf does wonders to our skin & hair. Hence, alovera used in various cosmetics as well as medicines. Also, it is easily available in the market. Due to the presence of a large number of benefits in Alovera I am listing the top 9 benefits of alovera.

Benefits of alovera

  • Prevents Aging

As you grow older you may be facing the problem of wrinkles on your skin. The appearance of wrinkles is a natural process which can not be eliminated by taking medicines. Alovera has the property of improving skin elasticity, also it removes dead cells and acts as the good moisturizer. Hence, on regular usage, the skin becomes smoother and wrinkle-free.

  • Treats Acne Problem

Alovera consists of anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties. This will aid in treating scars, blemishes and reduce the acne problem. Alovera can also stimulate the growth of new cells & hence the process of healing will be faster.

  • Sunburn treatment

Alovera can be used to heal the redness caused by sun UV ray. It can be applied directly to the skin after a sunburn. Due to the anti-inflammatory properties, it reduces the inflammation caused by exposure to the sun. Also, it reduces the tan on the skin due to the over-exposure to pollution & sun.

  • clears stretch marks

Stretch marks, the small tears on the skin which caused due to the skin elasticity. Especially during pregnancy skin stretches a lot, as a result, you find stretch marks. Hence, with the direct application of alovera gel on stretch marks, the marks gradually decreases.

  • aids in hair growth

Massage alovera gel on your scalp either before or after shampoo to remove dead cells. Once your scalp becomes free from dead cells the hair follicle promotes hair growth.

  • balances scalp pH

Scalp pH maintains if alovera used for application on scalp. With the regular use of chemical based shampoos, the pH balance gets altered which result in hair damage. The scalp pH should maintain 5.5.

  • dandruff reduction

Dead cells, infections and improper pH are the causes of dandruff. Alovera has great anti-bacterial properties so it removes dead cells and infections from the scalp. Also, it regenerates the hair by repairing.

  • hair conditioning

Alovera is a good moisturizing agent and hence if used after shampoo works as a good conditioner. It smoothens the hair and gives extra shine.

  • treats cuts & wounds

Alocera used as after shave lotion for irritating skin. As it has great anti-inflammatory properties it cures wounds, insect bites and small cuts. Due to the great benefits of alovera sow one plant at your home.


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