Thugs of Hindustan upcoming movie of Amir khan


Thugs of Hindustan

Thugs of Hindustan
Thugs of Hindustan is upcoming movie of Amir khan.this movie directed and written by Vijay Krishna Acharya. Aditya chopra is the producer of this film. this movie based on Philip meadows Taylor novel confessions of a thug.


Amitabh bachchan (as Ismail )

Amitabh Bacchan
A dignified thug and adopter of amir khan.

Amir khan (as Ameer ali)

Amir Khan
A conspicous thug of afgan origin.He was an orphan child and adopted by thugs.

Katrina kaif

she is playing as fighter or warrior princess.

Fatima Sana Shaikh

she is playing a lead role in thugs of hindustan.She also worked with amir khan in dangal.

Ronit Roy

He is also playing an attractive role in thugs of hindustan.he is good actor ever.He shot with Amitabh bachchan but he does not have a scene with amir khan.


This is the high budget yash raj films prodution{Thugs of hindustan production budget is 210 crore (US $31 million)}.Filming begins on 5 june 2017 in Malta.Filming shot in Jodhpur,Mehrangarh fort and thailand .the climax of the movie will be shot in Rajasthan.
Jackie shroff also a part of this film.But had to turn the role down due to disagreement commitment.


Thugs of hindustan scheduled to release on 7th November 2018.


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