The scourge of obesity.


From past few centuries, the art of cooking have developed to an unbelievable extent because of the increased sources available . Increased communication ease and freedom among different societies, have led to the expansion of cuisines all over the world. But consequently, this expansion has also led to the spread of a very hazardous problem- generally known as obesity.

People in our country, usually refer a person suffering from this person as healthy. Whenever we see a fat person or talk about one, we use the phrase “He or she is a bit healthy.” First of all, what we need to understand is that no, that person isn’t healthy. In fact,  he is suffering from a disease or say a medical condition and that too, a dangerous one called obesity.

What is obesity?

It is most commonly defined as a medical condition in which the actual weight of an individual exceeds his/her body mass index related to height (BMI). In general terms we can say that a person having excessive body fat than normal is obese or suffering from obesity.

What is BMI?

BMI is a statistical term derived by using an individual’s weight and height. It is calculated by dividing the body mass of an individual by the square of his height. It is the best way to identify whether a person is healthy or obese.

Most common causes of obesity

-having an improper diet plan.
-no proper routine in meals.
-consuming excessive amount of junk, oily, sweet- rich in sugar and carbs food.
-having no or very less physical exercise.
-insufficient sleep
-health and mental problems like depression, thyroid etc.
-sudden hormonal changes.
-having a diet more than your body requires.
-consuming too much alcohol.
-quitting smoking.
-pills like birth control pills, antidepressants etc.

Problems created due to obesity

Obesity is seen as such a major concern in today’s world because it leads to thousands of health issues. To start with it makes a person lazy or inactive. It may cause diseases like asthma, type 2 diabetes, heart attacks, cancer etc.

Ways to prevent, control or get rid of obesity

-stick to a proper and balanced diet plan.
-know the actual needs of your body and design your diet plan according it.
-regular physical exercise.
-minimizing the consumption of junk, oily, packaged or carb-rich food items.
-having a regular health checkup.
-avoiding excessive alcohol consumption.
-getting sufficient amount of sleep.
-stay positive and cheerful.


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