Sui Dhaga Review


Sui Dhaga- Woven with entertainment or not?

Sui Dhaga, a Sharad Kataria directed movie is a heart- warming movie that you can enjoy with all you family.

The movie is starring actor Varun Dhawan and actress Anushka Sharma. Varun and Anushka are playing the role of a husband and wife. It is for the first time that these Bollywood stars have done a movie together.

The movie has performed quite well in the past two days. On one hand, some audience loved the soft and heart- warming story whereas, on the other hand, others found it really boring.

Story line.

Mauji (Varun Dhawan) and Mamta (Anushka Sharma) are a couple belonging to a poor background.

Personally, Mauji is a simple, honest and hard- working man. He earns his living by doing random stupid things like acting like a dog, bear in lavish parties. Moreover, Mauji possesses quite good tailoring skills.

However, one day, Mauji’s wife Mamta finds out about his job and asks him to go for something serious keeping in mind his self-respect. She suggests him to use his tailoring skills and become self- employed.

This is when, the couple stars working hard to establish their own embroidery business.

The movie basically, revolves around Mauji’s hard work, his akills and the chemistry, bond and support between the couple.

Movie review.

Sui Dhaga is a movie that might appeal you heart if you are emotional and soft- hearted.

It depicts the journey of a common simple man who works hard to maintain his self- esteem and self- respect. It also showcases the talent of local artisans in our country.

Sui Dhaga is surely successful in depicting the life and the common problems faced by an ordinary man.

Both Varun and Anushka have given their best for the movie Sui Dhaga. Varun has very well captured the traits of a simple ordinary man. On the other hand, Anushka too, has played the role of Mamta very gracefully along with the simplest look.

The movie might seem boring and ungracefully stretched in the first half but, it becomes interesting in the second half.


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