Street food of Kolkata


Kolkata is famous for it’s street food

From child to old all people like street food.
Here are the list of few famous street food that everyone is crazy about …


Chats are always favourites for all kolkata lovers. Here is the one of the chat . Some people called it chola makha , some called chola chat . Whatever it’s called , it’s really mouthwatering. Contains Sprouted Chickpea , Boiled sliced Potatoes , Sliced Cucumbers , Sliced onions , Tamarind water , Chopped Green Chillies and masalas.

Phuchka/Pani Puri

Phuchka is like a staple food for the people residing in Kolkata.From dahi phuchka to misti phuchka to the normal phuchka…. It’s a mouthwatering dish starting from Rs10 and is available anywhere over the city. The dish is a puri with a stuffing dipped in flavoured water. The puri is tiny and round in shaped deep fried to be hard.The stuffing is of boiled potatoes mixed with Indian spices ,boiled dried yellow peas , coriander and lot’s of tamarind and lime. The flavoured water is usually in two ways one made up of dates and jaggery which is the sweet water the other one is made up of chilies and tamarind making it the sour water.


Momo is a dish from the mountainous region of Nepal and other hilly areas of India.It is one of the most healthiest food items as it is cooked in steam.This is a common hit among specially the health conscious freaks who want to not gain much calories while munching on some yummy fast food. This dish is usually made in two ways for both vegetarians and meat lovers.The non vegetarian one is made with a stuffing of meat(includes chicken paste,finely chopped chillies ,ginger,onions and garlic) with a basic flour dough. The vegetarian one is made up with a stuffing of vegetables (includes carrots, capsicum,onion,garlic and ginger). Nowadays moms comes in a variety of stuffing and a variety of cooking processes like pan fried and fried.From momo burger and tandoori momo ,this street food dish is a hit among everyone in Kolkata.Per plate starts from Rs30 in most places.


This dish is actually a paratha (flour dough)rolled to a thin circular shape and fried in oil.Rolls are of different kinds be it vegetarian or non vegetarian and are a great thing to fill up your hungry tummy when you don’t want to punch a lot hole in your pocket.From the famous Seekh kabab roll to the plain egg roll this dish is a hit between people of every age .It is actually a paratha which is stuffed with salad (onion and cucumber)and meat or vegetables of your choice. It’s a stomach filling snack and is available as low as from ₹25.But since it is fried and that too in so much oil it is not a hit between people who are health conscious freaks.


Kolkata is not at all complete with the North Kolkata chops.Be it plain alur chop to manager chop to mocha r chop to dimer devil nothing can be some tastier than these.Satrting from as low as Rs 5, these chops so delicious that they can’t be missed.

Kochuri Alurdom and Jilebi

This combination is the classic combination is for people staying at Kolkata as this is kind of their staple breakfast.This combination of food can be found in any sweet shop from early in the morning till the day ends. Hot and sweet Jilebi along with hot Kochuri and Alurdom is what most people of Kolkata will always adore as breakfast morning.Starting from Rd 10per plate consisting of two kachoris and Alurdom dom,this breakfast is quite tasty and affordable also.


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