Sleep Better Tonight!


Tips to sleep better every night!


A good sleep, is believed to be an essence for glowing skin and a healthy lifestyle. Improper sleep may make one frustrated and can ruin your whole day.

So, here we are with some of the best ideas that will assure a better sleep routine making you cheerful and fresh all day long.

1. Reduce caffeine consumption after sunset.

Caffiene is proved to have ingredients that tend to reduce your sleep. You all must have tried drinking coffe when need to stay awake late night.

So, try to reduce caffiene consumption after sunset especially after your dinner.

2. Don’t complete your sleep in daytime.

Taking long naps during daytime, reduces your sleeping capacity. Daytime nap will freshen up your mind and body eventually leading to no or very less sleep at night.

So, either avoid or reduce your daytime nap to enjoy a lovely night nap.

3. Relax your body with a shower.

Take a relaxing shower or hot water bath in the evening. This will make your body relax and will surely make you fall asleep easily.

4. Set a consistent nap schedule.

Set your regular time of sleeping at night and waking up in the morning. This will make your body habitual. It will, itself know when its time to nap and when to wake up.

5. Engage yourself in a bit of physical activity.

Manage to engage yourself in any kind of physical activity throughout the day. Performing any physical activity will utilize your energy hence making you tired.

6. Look after what you eat.

Don’t eat heavy meals or sugary items at night.
Avoid alcohol consumption in the evening and limit drinking liquids in the evening.

7. Treat yourself with a relaxing environment.

People tend to relax more easily in a comforting environment. The lights, aura and other aspects around you affect your sleep.

So, ensure that your room is neat and your bedding is comfortable according to your body.

Also, some people prefer all lights shut whereas others prefer the presence of a dim light while sleeping. So, personalize your environment according  to your preference.


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