RSS feed- Get updated quickly!


Everything  about RSS feed.

You might have seen an update on many websites asking you to subscribe their RSS feed. Let’s know what exactly is this web feature called RSS and how can you utilize it for your benefit.


RSS stands for Rich Site Summary or Really Simple Syndication. This is a kind of web feed feature. It prevents the reader from wasting their time skipping from one website to another looking for updates.

An RSS is basically, an aggregate website or news aggregator, offering the subscribers all the newly updated content at one stop.

It collects all the updated content and adds it to what is called the feed reader.

How it works?

Maintaining an RSS feed is really a very simple task. All it takes is the web author to form a list of all the newly updated content. This list is the RSS feed.

Any subscriber can easily go through this feed to know what’s new on the website.

How to subscribe?

Initially, decide what site you really like to go through and want to subscribe. Once you find a website of your preference, search for the RSS feed icon.

Press on this icon and you will get the subscription of that website’s feed.


Just imagine, what you do when you love to read the content of a particular. You will visit that particular website again and again checking for any new content uploaded there.

This is an extremely tiring and time consuming task. RSS feed help you escape tgis process.

All you need to do is go through feed notifications to know if there is any new update.


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