Reasons to visit North East India


North East India

North East India is a place which would be a must do in everyone’s bucket list at least for people who live in India. There are multiple reasons to visit North East India once in a lifetime which can’t be listed but some can always be mentioned

This article brings you some of the reason why North East India tour should be on your bucket list. So here are some of the reasons

• North East India consists of tribal people who have got a very different kind of lifestyle, culture, food habits, language etc.

A visit to the North East is kind of a chance to know the tribal people who form one-fourth of the whole Indian population. The experience is almost a new level one as it helps to understand more than what is written in books

• The Eastern mountains by which we know the Himalayas on the eastern side of Himalayas are wilder than the Himalayan mountains on the west

The beauty of the eastern range can’t be described in words. It’s like heaven in front of your eyes

• Flora and Fauna are a part of nature which we cannot just ignore.The North East is the best place which is still not intruded upon by people and where nature exists and so does many endangered animals

It’s a chance to meet the animals which after a few days are going to be extinct

• Since a lot of people have been staying in the cities and are busy in their live schedule a real is nessecery and north eastern India is the best place to go on taking a break
North East India is a place of interest as it has mountains, jungles as well as water.A place where everything can be found of interest

It is an opportunity to taste nature at its best and to get the raw taste of the culture habits of the tribes


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