Quit Smoking! – Two Minutes to Kill Yourself


Let’s be honest, we all have been guilty of associating smoking with liberalisation. Comparatively, the substance that takes one life every 6 seconds continue to be in decline. Quit Smoking campaigns have been the forerunner of life. And people who quit smoking successfully have a story to say. Today we take a look at why you should quit smoking immediately.

The habit of the devil

We are animals of habit. Those who quit smoking do it at their own accord. Whereas, people who start smoking, show prevalence towards per pressure. The first puff itself starts harming the body. And, anyone who has had the taste of tobacco finds it difficult to resist the craving. People who quit, feel it as well. Instead, it is their will which prevents them from relapsing. After all, one who controls the mind controls his ways.

The Pathology

Smoking harms more than one organ in our body. Lungs are the primarily affected organ. In reality, Lungs barely scratch the surface. It affects the oral cavity, the oesophagus, stomach, kidneys, the gastrointestinal tract and urinary bladder. Lung affliction is highly advertised. The awareness needs to nonetheless spread about other organs too.

ill-effects quit smoking

Smoking affects lung in more than one way. Not only does smoking causes fibrosis of the lung tissue, but it also causes depletion of lung surfactant. While excess surfactant can cause Pulmonary Alveolar Proteinosis, decreased surfactant causes atelectasis. In simpler words, the lung loses its ability to stretch, impairing its function.

Gastric ulceration has a 3-fold greater chance with smoking than with non-smoking individuals. People who quit smoking have a risk of around 50%.

With Oesophagus and the GI tract, there is an increased risk of bowel irritation, constipation and gastric carcinoma.

Why We cannot Quit Smoking

The number one reason why most people have been unable to quit smoking is the lack of will.

People find the following physiological problems associated with trying to quit smoking:

  1. Irritability
  2. Bowel habits
  3. Unable to sleep
  4. Restlessness
  5. Tiredness
  6. Loss of motivation

However, science has been unable to debunk the myth. No scientific proof associated with nicotine has been established so far. But science only goes so long. The psychological aspect of smoking is way more important.

Motivation is the key. Although nicotine gums and patches help, as it is they are merely substitutes. And the only way to quit smoking is to believe in oneself.

One of the bigger mistakes people make while quitting is the reliance on e-cigarettes. vapes are often as dangerous as tobacco cigarettes if not more.



With that being said, We urge our readers to raise awareness about tobacco consumption. Tobacco-related diseases constitute a vast number of preventable diseases. Motivation, Support and Help are the only things that can ease one into quit smoking.





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