Piracy – A theft.




Piracy, basically, refers to stealing or copying something illegally. Unauthorized copying or stealing of any copyrighted content is referred to as piracy. The pirated content is generally sold at lower prices in the grey market.

This includes all those activities concerned with any kind of unauthorized stealing, theft, robbery, copying, regeneration, reproduction or distribution of content illegally. The term is derived from Latin word, ‘pirata’ meaning sea robber.

It is a kind of copyright infringement. Copyright infringement means, using a copyrighted work without the permission of the holder.

A pirate is a person who performs any act of piracy. Though there are many laws to stop this crime. But, however, the punishment of this crime is not strict enough to stop the pirates to do so.

There are various types of piracy. These include-


It is the act of illegally copying or distributing a software using internet. It includes websites that offer free downloading of unauthorized softwares and peer to peer networks for transferring unauthorized copyrighted softwares etc.

End user.

This refers to the act where a pirate copies a licensed content for further sale. This type refers to reproducing unauthorized software illegally. It also includes using one licensed programme to run it on multiple computers, copying a disc multiple times for further distribution or sale and many more similar acts.


This type includes the download of movies through illegal sites such as torrents in free. Copying an illegally downloaded file is also a part of this crime.


Downloading a song on the same day of release is a very easy task nowadays. Music piracy refers to such downloading of unauthorized songs through multiple  sites.

Games and e-book piracy.

Downloading games on internet is very easy in today’s world. This ease has made the act of game piracy very common hence, leading to loss of the creators. Another form is, the download of books in form of pdf’s in place of original books.


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