Pataakha movie review.


Pataakha- Truely a pataakha or not?

Vishal Bhardwaj directed movie, Pataakha, has surely given justice to its name. The movie is based on a Charan Singh Pathik’s story, Do Behnein.

The movie is based somewhere in rural areas of Rajasthan.

Story line.

The movie Pataakha revolves around two sisters badki Champa and chutki Genda. Sanya Malhotra plays the role of Genda and Radhika Madan of Champa.

The two sisters are always ready to blow flames on each other. Both can’t tolerate each other for a second and always pray to get married soon so as to get rid of other.

But, the twist comes when both of them marry two real brothers that too, by their own choice.

Eventually, in the end, both of them get to know that none can live without the other.

Movie review.

The movie is planned and arranged very tastefully. Bhardwaj, who is the director as well as the writer of Pataakha, doesn’t waste a second to make the point of the story clear to its audience.

The strongest aspect of the film is its authenticity and rawness which is maintained by the filmmakers throughout the movie.

Furthermore, the casting of the movie is also done very wisely. Be it the role of two rival sisters or their old kind- hearted and loving father or a funny character named dipper, all the actors have done a brilliant job.

The spirit and the mood of the movie is matched equivalently throughout the movie without any annoying disturbance.

Moreover, the metaphor of India and Pakistan used by the director to depict the relationship of two sisters is amazing and to the point. According to me, the movie is kind of an indirect message to the two rival countries through their personified presentation.

The mixture of comedy, drama and thrill all together, makes Pataakha a full power entertainment pack.

Overall, Pataakha is surely a must watch movie.


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