Partial Solar eclipse today and here are somethings you need to keep in mind

Solar eclipse 2018

Solar eclipse, predicted in India on 11 August 2018 is today and will last for 3 hours and 30 minutes. A part of sun will appear covered by the Moon’s shadow. This is because of celestial phenomenon called as partial solar eclipse.

In this phenomenon the sun is visible as a crescent or as a disk with hollow centre. This can’t be India because of the nature and variation of eclipse from place to place.

Timing in India

According to prediction the eclipse will visible from 9.02am GMT and 12.32pm GMT. In Indian timing it will be from 1:32pm and 5:02pm.

The trackway done by NASA says this will move in northern Canada, north-eastern US, Greenland, Scandinavia, most of Siberia, and some parts of central Asia.

The path on which eclipse will move is the one which can be easily seen from India as the longest period duration around the north pole.

How to watch

solar eclipse glasses

The eclipse won’t be streamed live on any channel because of limited range of influence. However the eclipse can be seen by one on there own. In all the solar eclipse, partial or total, ultraviolet and infrared light will be scattered into space.

To avoid exposure, spectator should take precautions like wear special solar eclipse glasses, or use pinhole camera to watch the  eclipse.

Diet Myths & Superstitions Related To Partial Solar Eclipse

There are several myths related to Eclipse and people refuse to eat because of that.

Cooking food or consuming food during the duration of eclipse may be harmful as the food turns poisonous. Another one is chopping vegetables, fruits or any other eatables while the solar eclipse is on, can infect or even poison it.




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