Mental Health Guide.


Your guide to your mental health.

Just like every other part of your body, your mind is too very essential for you. Infact, it is the most essential body part. Hence, you should have knowledge about what mental health is and how you can keep it healthy!

What is mental health?

Mental health basically, refers to the way you think, feel and act. It deals with your emotional, psychological and social well- being.

Your mental health affects the way you deal with problems, stress, communicate with people or on a concluding note, it deals with the way you live your daily life.

According to the experts, anyone of could suffer from a mental disorder. Excess of anxiety, sadness, stress etc. can lead to disturbance in your mental health.

Common mental disorders.


A phobia refers to a situation where a person suffers from excessive fear of an object or creature or anything else.
There are many different types of phobias such as social phobia, agarophobias etc.

Panic Disorders

This is situation where a person experience intense feeling of fear. Such panic attacks may lead to shaking, sweating, numbness etc.

Panic disorders can be said to be a kind of anxiety disorder.

Mood disorders.

In these disorders, a person tends to experience frequent mood swings. Most of these are without any specific reason and mostly includes state of depression.

Prevention Techniques

  • Always stay positive.
  • Keep exercising regularly.
  • Ensure that you have a healthy social life.
  • Keep yourself busy.
  • Try to be happy as much as you can!

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