Menstruation Hygiene- Tips to be secure.


Menstration Hygiene

Menstruation cycles are an important part of every women’s life. But, unfortunately, this health condition is not given proper attention in our country. Women and girls don’t feel it necessary to follow the proper cleanliness steps during these days.

Unhygienic routine during menstruation may lead to a number of fatal health problems in females. Hence, it is certainly very important to look after a proper hygiene during this one week.

Here are some of the menstrual hygiene habits that every girl and women should surely follow-

Change enough sanitary pads.

It is advisable to change sanitary pads or tampons in every 4-6 hours. The blood released on these sanitary pads or tampons, leads to the contact of many bacteria with our vagina. This contact leads to rashes, irritation and infections. Hence, you should change our sanitary pads in every 4-6 hours to ensure menstrual hygiene and safety.

Wash yourself properly.

Though washing yourself thoroughly is essential every day, but it is more important during the menstruation cycle. Wash your vagina at least every time you change your sanitary napkin or tampon. This will prevent the bacteria stuck on your sanitary napkins to climb up your body as you change it.

Also, remember that using a soap or vaginal hygiene wash during menstruation is not a good idea. Though these cleansing products aim at preventing infections, these could give an opposite effect during menstruation.

So, avoid soaps and washes during this time.

Choose your sanitation over money.

Don’t compromise with your sanitation for the sake of money. There are a number of options available like tampons, sanitary pads or cups. First of all, decide what you need according to your comfort level. Secondly, look for the details. Go for a sanitation that assures you greater comfort, cleanliness and freshness.

Wash in the right motion.

You should always wash starting from your vagina to your anus. Never do this in the opposite direction as it could bring the bacteria from your anus to vagina causing infections.

Discard properly.

Cover your used sanitary pads in a clean newspaper or any other paper and then discard it properly. Don’t flush it as this could lead to blockage. Don’t throw it in the open as this could spread infections. Also, always wash your hands after discarding a sanitary napkin.


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