Meghan McCain couldn’t control her emotions on Father John McCain’s funeral


Meghan McCain couldn’t control her emotions and cried on her father’s death John McCain. He died because of brain cancer. He was 81 and left behind his son Jack, daughter Meghan McCain and wife Cindy.

Meghan McCain

On Wednesday in Arizona Capital in Phoenix John McCain private funeral was kept. His family and all the close friends gave him respect. He took pain and torture as a prisoner war in Vietnam. They remembered him for uniting America despite the political beliefs.

Gov. Doug Ducey of Arizona embraced Mr. McCain’s wife, Cindy McCain, as she arrived for a short private ceremony on the morning of what would have been her husband’s 82nd birthday.

Political figures delivered brief remarks remembering Mr. McCain. His whole family heard it siting quietly. Later they lined up to pass by the coffin. Meghan McCain cried on the coffin, Her wailing echoed throughout the rotunda. Wife Cindy laid a bit a on the coffin and moved away with a heavy face.

What people said :

“It’s our job to show our respect,” said Robbie Campbell, 59, a statewide captain of the Patriot Guard Riders, an organization composed largely of motorcyclists who attend the funerals of United States military service members and first responders. “We don’t want anybody that serves to protect our freedoms to not know that the whole nation cares.”


John Kyl, a former Republican senator, said that although some people disagreed with Mr. McCain’s political positions, “that should not diminish our gratitude for his service.”

“I have been with Senator McCain all around the world, and I will tell you he had better instincts about how, when and where to assert American power than any other leader that I’ve known,” said Mr. Kyl, who has been mentioned as a potential choice to fill the seat left vacant by Mr. McCain.

“He had been to more countries, knew more foreign leaders and had a better grasp of history than any other American official, including our secretaries of state,” Mr. Kyl continued. “One illustration: When others were looking into Vladimir Putin’s eyes with an eye of understanding him and reaching accommodation with him, John said, ‘I looked into his eyes and I saw K.G.B.’”

The ceremony

The ceremony on Wednesday was the first of several events taking place in the coming days to honor Mr. McCain. On Thursday, the senator’s body will be carried from the Capitol in a motorcade that will deliver him to the North Phoenix Baptist Church, where a memorial service will be held. About 1,000 seats at the church are available to the public.

Meghan McCain

From the church, Mr. McCain’s remains will be flown to Washington for another viewing on Friday at the United States Capitol. After a memorial service at the National Cathedral, Mr. McCain will be buried at the United States Naval Academy Cemetery in Annapolis, Md.





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