LailaMajnu- Movie Review


Laila Majnu- The contemporary love story!

Directed by Sajid Ali, Laila Majnu, the classic love story has been once again depicted on the big screen from this Friday. The star cast of the movie includes two newcomers both in the lead roles, Tripti Dimri and Avinash Tiwari.

The story of Laila Majnu is written by the director, Imtiaz Ali and is produced by Ekta Kapoor, Shobha Kapoor and Preety Ali.

Story line

Laila Majnu, as signified by the name itself, is a contemporary love story from contemporary times set up in Kashmir.

The story revolves around Laila, daughter of a conservative family who loves to live her life to the fullest and doesn’t worries about the future and Qais, a spoiled brat.

Qais and Laila falls in love but as every contemporary tragic love story, their families are against this chemistry. The movie includes a lot of romance, love, pain and heartbreaks.


It is not for the first time that this tragic love story is modified and released on the big screen. But however, the performances of both the new stars have surely given the movie a fresh feel.

Both the actors have given their best to the movie. Laila or Tripti Dimri has managed to look beautiful throughout the movie. She has well played her role of a free- happy- spirited girl.

Qais or Avinash Tiwari played his role with the utmost intensity  as it was required. Because of the chemistry between the two, Laila Majnu becomes an easy to believe and attractive movie.

The movie is captured amidst the beautiful sceneries of Kashmir. This actually makes it really pleasing for the eyes of the audience.

The movie consists of many songs. All these are arranged in a really pleasant manner which as a result doesn’t make audience think that they are too much.

Overall, the movie Laila Majnu, is a kind of movie that you should give a try.


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