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Menopause is a common phase in the life of every woman. Menopause should not be considered a disease. It is the stage of life where a woman stops menstruating or fertility in a woman is no more. Though it is considered as a normal process, the woman undergoes so many changes. These changes will be sometimes fast and sometimes slow. In general, the woman reaches this stage at the age of 46 to 51 years.

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Symptoms of Menopause

If a woman has not observed her periods or menstrual cycle for one long year then it is said that she is in that stage. These symptoms are triggered at the end of that one year.

Irregular periods

The first and foremost symptom woman observe is irregular periods. This may vary from person to person. Few observe periods for every two to three weeks. Few observe periods for every two or three months. Gradually it changes.

Perimenopause and dry vagina

It starts at the early 40s or late 30s where the ovaries release fewer eggs. This continues till it reaches the menopause stage where the release of the egg is stopped completely. Hence, the chances of pregnancy after 35 decreases gradually.

During perimenopause, women may experience itching, discomfort followed by dryness of the vagina. Hence, few women feel pain during sex due to lower estrogen levels.

Hot flash and Night Sweats

A hot flash is a feeling of warmth which can be felt over the upper body or lower body. Generally, the feeling of warmth will be more on the face, chest and neck region. A lot of sweat is also observed due to a hot flash. As a result of excessive sweating and the hot flash, women undergo night sweat. These nigh sweat usually occur during the sleep cycle.

Sleep disturbances and insomnia

As a woman reaches to menopause stage her sleep cycle gets disturbed. Sometimes, she may feel sleepy but could not sleep due to hot flash and night sweat. They may also find difficulty in sleeping. The continuous disturbance in sleep may result in insomnia.

Unbalanced Emotions

Due to the hormonal changes, women are more susceptible to the mood swings. It will be difficult to notice when they will be happy or when they will be depressed.  Due to this mood swings, they may get frequent irritation.

Other symptoms

Hair loss, increase in weight, obesity,  breast shrinkage, thining of hair and severe vaginal dryness.

How to overcome Menopause

Menopause makes life miserable with insomnia, vaginal dryness, increase in weight, hot flash, extreme sweats and hormonal changes. To overcome this stress follow a few simpler techniques.

  • Meditate regularly to overcome heavy stress. Meditation helps in a calm mind.
  • Exercise to keep your body strong, flexible.
  • Go for a walk. Walking helps in building up mussels and burning excess calories from the body.
  • Proper diet plan, plan your diet such that you take large amounts of fruits and vegetables for easier digestion.
  • Avoid hot places. Do not go out in hot summers or to the places which make you sweat more.
  • Memory techniques – try to follow memory techniques which helps you to remember everything which you need.

At the top of all always stay calm, don’t be overexcited for anything.





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