Kiki Challenge or A Death Challenge



Whether you are an active user of social media or not it doesn’t  really matter.  You must have heard of a trending challenge known as the Kiki challenge. If not then here’s a quick insight about what exactly this challenge is.

What is the Kiki challenge?

The viral Kiki challenge include people dancing in front or along a moving car on the Canadian rapper Drake’s latest song with lyrics “Kiki do you love me” and then jump back into the car when it ends. This trend went viral when a comedian Shiggy posted his video on his Instagram account. After this Shiggy’s Kiki challenge video, this challenge started spreading like a fire across all over the social sites. Thousands of social media users started making their version of the challenge while dancing in along their moving cars on the lyrics.

As children, we are always taught to stay away from moving vehicles in order to keep ourselves safe. But, according to the recent scenario, people should be taught to stay away from viral videos to keep themselves secure.

Dancing along with moving cars may not sound as queer as it actually is! Several instances have been coming up consistently, showing the dangerous outcomes of this bizarre viral challenge. Many participants of the challenge had faced injuries due to slipping of while trying to step out of a moving car or by crashing into poles or other vehicles. From injuries caused to the accidents taking place, there are several issues that have made this challenge a totally nuisance one.

The Kiki or the In My Feelings challenge has reached its off limits. Even the police had to issue warnings against it.

The UP police tweeted, “Dear parents, whether Kiki loves your child or not, we are sure you do! So please stand by your child in all the challenges in life except #kikichallenge.”

This problem is not prevailing only in our country. Police across the world had to issue such warnings in order to make people understand that this Kiki challenge is actually becoming a threat challenge and needs to be stopped as soon as possible!


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