Keep yourself fueled up


Water comprises of around 75% of a human body. Hence, it is a vital factor for the proper functioning of all the cells, tissues or organs of our body. But mostly due to the hectic schedules we ignore this vital need of water of our body which may lead to improper functioning and health problems such as dizziness, severe headaches etc. So here we are with some tips that you should keep in your mind in order to keep your body always hydrated and healthy


Water bottleWater bottle- an essential you must carry

Remember to carry a water bottle whenever to step out your house. The main reason people lack in drinking adequate amount of water is that they are not able to find it when they feel thirsty. So always keep one with you and refill it from time to time



water melon, strawberries, oranges, peaches etc
   Only water is not enough

If you think that only drinking a lot of water is enough for a healthy lifestyle, then you are wrong. One should also try to eat fruits like water melon, strawberries, oranges, peaches etc. All these are a great source of keeping oneself hydrated as well as they are easy to be carried along. Also try to drink old age recipes such as bel juice, sharbats, thandai etc. and dairy products like milk and curd

Say Good Morning with a glass of waterglass of water

It is always advisable to drink a glass or two of water as soon as you wake up in the morning. This would not only keep you healthy but will also help improve your skin, lose weight etc

Look after what you consume

Always keep a check on what kind of food are you consuming. Things like tea, coffee or processed items can lead to dehydrating your body. So try to minimize the consumption of those food items which are not water friendly

urineCheck out your urine

It may sound weird, but checking out your urine every now and then can assist you in knowing if you are hydrated enough or not. Darker the color of your urine, less is the water consumption done by you. Also if you are urinate very less, that also indicates that you are not consuming adequate amount of water

Don’t wait till you feel thirstyfeel thirsty

Most of us tends to drink water only when our body asks for it or when we are dying out of thirst. This is a totally unhealthy practice. You should try to make a routine to drink water in every 10-15 minutes despite the fact that whether you feel thirsty or not


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