Karwaan: 3 Lost souls,2 Dead bodies, A Journey Of a Lifetime


Karwaan: 3 Lost souls…2 Dead bodies…A Journey Of a Lifetime, A movie review

This movie ” Karwaan ” has a heart touching story, beautiful frames and hats off to the direction and phenomenal actors. Believe me this movie will leave your eyes wet at the end I think each teenager who thinks their parents are not letting them follow there passion and pulling there leg down should definitely watch this may be they’ll then think over it again.


So basically the legendary Irrfan Khan is acting as Shaukat bhai who is a car garage owner. Avinash, a corporate worker is acted out by the newly introduced Dulquer Salmaan, then finally lastly comes the curly haired girl who is also newly introduced Mithila Palkar as Tanya, a college girl.

Setback cause here it starts

So the movie starts with showing a typical single corporate working boy named Avinash who is exploited by his boss for working but just enough and asks him to pull off his socks and work his ass off. One day he returns home and gets a call from a travelling company that his father has died in road accident on his way to gangotri. Next day went to take his father’s coffin but did gets exchanged with a lady who is from Kochi.

Scene from the Road Trip

Scene from the Road Trip

Then Shaukat bhai and Avinash goes on a long road trip from Bangalore to Kochi and in between there are some scenes of rains, backwaters, coconut trees and mist. The direction of Akarsh Khurana will just leave you spellbound and the dialogues and the joke will keep a smile on you face the all time.

Scene from the " Road Trip "

Scene from the ” Road Trip “

The ending of film has some of the best lines on relationships, passion and value of parents, proven once you loose something that’s the time you start respect and treasure them.

The sense of regret which avinash sets on the frame, will give you a lot of questions to ask to yourself.

So go ahead watch it and question yourself.



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