Janmashtami- Celebration of birth of Krishna.


Birth of Krishna- Janmashtami.

Colorful and joyful festivals backed  up with celebrations, rituals and related stories are speciality of our country. One such Indian festival is the Janmashtami.

Janmashtami, also known as Gokulashtani or Krishna Janmashtami, is a Hindu festival celebrated every year with great devotion and joy.

Belief behind Janmashtami.

Krishna Janmashtami is a festival celebrating the birth of the eight avatar of Vishnu, Lord Krishna.

Lord Krishna is the most eminent avatar of lord Vishnu. He played an essential role in Mahabharatha. Krishna promoted the thoughts of good deeds (karma) as well as bhakti.

Lord Krishna took birth in Dwapar Yug, about five thousand years ago in Mathura. He wasn’t  able to grow with his parents because they were in prison custody by Kansa, Krishna’s  uncle. Kansa arrested Vasudev and Devki, Krishna’s  parents, because he believed that their child will bring death to him and wanted to kill them all.

Lord Krishna’s father gave him to his friend Nand and his wife Yashoda. Krishna grew up with them.


The celebrations usually begins at midnight . It falls on the Ashtami or the eight day of Krishna Paksh.

People observe fast all day long. They break their fast at midnight.

People decorate Lord Krishna’s temples. The child form of the god is devotinally embodiesd in swings.

A well known practice during Janmashtami is that of Dahi Handi.

Daha Handi is a kind of fun activity. An earthen pot filled with curd, milk, butter etc. is hung at a height and people compete in groups making human pyramids to break this pot. Dairy products were Lord Krishna’s  favourite  food, according  to the believes.

People also perfor rasleelas in temples or pandals ( stalls). Rasleela is a depiction of Lord Krishna’s  life instances through music, dance and drama. People and children dress themselves as Radha Krishna.


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