Health Tips This Rainy Season


After severe hot weather, rains are most awaited. Children love dancing in rain, row their paper boats and adults love to sip coffee. But along with rain what comes in life are serious health issues like infections, viral fever, diarrhea, cold, cough & fever. Joint pains in adult increases during this phase due to climatic changes. Water logging and muddy streets are the common sights which lead to an accident and a cause of death. So, it becomes a responsibility of everyone to be careful during this season to make it more enjoyable rather than being disastrous for all of us. Here are some of those guidelines which can be practiced:

Wash your hands regularly: Once we move outside we touch several things which becomes a reason behind bacterial infections. So, its advisable to wash hands with antiseptic to keep one healthy and germs free. We can use products like Dettol to be on safer side.


Avoid eating outside food: One should avoid eating street food, as it might not be cooked under healthy conditions. Eating unhealthy food can create stomach infection and diseases like food poisoning, diarrhea making you more occupied with the doctor. A healthy diet structure should be planned which includes fruits and salads. One should practice drinking a good amount of clean water to detoxify our body system.

Avoid getting wet in rain: Do carry an umbrella or raincoat to prevent yourselves from getting wet. Also, carry a spare set of clothes as we never know when we may need it. If wet, do towel dry else it may lead to fever. Avoid walking in waterlogged areas. If wet due to rain, try not to sit under A.C. If one comes across any such medical conditions or symptoms, he or she must immediately consult a Doctor to stay healthy as it is rightly said: “Precaution is better than cure”.


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