have a look on top trending gadgets in 2018


With the increase in technology and requirement day-by-day, more and more gadgets are coming onto the market. Each gadget is developed based on the different requirements of the users. However, here we are listing few trending gadgets to buy in 2018.

To know more about the top 10 trending gadgets

Cordless vacuum & floor cleaner

Know cordless vacuum & floor cleaner is the most trending gadgets in 2018. This allows removing the minute dust particles. These cordless cleaners are easy to carry and easy to use. They are known for their portability. The batteries provided are long-lasting.  They can be used in each & every corner of the house. Apart from removing dust from the house it also removes pet hair from the carpet, floor. There are many cordless vacuum cleaners available in the market choose the only one which has easy usage, easy to empty the dustbin and a vacuum cleaner with long-lasting batteries.

Wireless charger

The wireless charger is the greatest trending gadget. Know you can safely remove all the hanging chords from your home. Replace your old styled chord charger with the new trending wireless charger. Believe me, it is easy to use, easy to carry and you can charge your phone anywhere. You can use your handset even while charging. If you are in a meeting and your battery is down, then this wireless charger makes your day. Your meeting won’t get disturbed and you can continue with your calls. ‘N’ number of wireless chargers is coming in the market. So, choose only the chargers which provide you with the compatibility of charging different phones. As well as it has the feature of fast charging.

Smart notebook

Here, we are not talking about the usual smart notebook but we are talking about Rocket Wave Smart Notebook – executive. This is the world’s first smart notebook with a feature of erasing your contents using the microwave. This smart notebook is a user-friendly notebook. The pen or marker to be used is the Pilot Frixion line. It has polypropylene binding. The notes are written can be sent directly to Google Drive, Evernote, Dropbox, iCloud and OneNote. Once you are done with your work and want to erase all the contents then keep the book in the microwave under a coffee mug. Then run the microwave for five minutes and all the content will be lost or cleared.

Waterproof Speaker

These speakers are most liked by the people who visit frequently to a beach area. There are many waterproof or water resistant speakers easily available in the market. These speakers are not meant to simply throw the device in the swimming pool. They can resist in water only for 30 minutes. Each waterproof speaker comes with an IP mark. So, choose the speaker based on the IP mark mentioned with it. IP67 is the common number seen on the device. Speakers with this IP mark are the one which we are looking for.

Mini Bluetooth speaker

The transmission of signals takes place through Bluetooth. These speakers are easy to carry. They can even fit in a pocket. The sound quality of these speakers is good; the only requirement is they must be charged for long hours before use. These speakers also come with colourful LEDs. The audio signals of these speakers are radio frequency signals. They also support micro SD card and USB. Therefore, these speakers are considered most trending because of supporting features like Bluetooth, micro SD and USB. You can connect the speaker using your phone and listen to songs.

Wireless earphones or headphones

These wireless headphones rule out the problem of the traditional cord system. They transmit the signals using Bluetooth. The look of these headphones is stylish. They are compatible with all the phones which have Bluetooth.  The noise is reduced in these type of headsets while compared to traditional headphones. A large number of companies are coming with various designs to attract the customers. So, choose the headsets which have greater compatibility.

Wi-Fi video doorbell or smart doorbell

This doorbell is created keeping in mind of security and safety issues. The doorbell is placed at the front side of the house beside the front door or main entrance. The person standing at the front door can be seen from the phone.  Due to the good recording feature, you can also track if someone has visited your place when you were unavailable at your home. This doorbell also records the person pressing the doorbell. It also detects well at night time.

Fitness tracker

Fitness tracker was invented to track the information about your activity and health. This will be continuously monitoring your activities-the amount of calorie burned, the sleep quality, and your BP levels. Choose only that can provide the best battery life, screen visibility, reasonable price. Some fitness tracker also provides the option of GPS navigation. As a result, these fitness trackers help greatly for sports people to keep track of their fitness workouts, calorie spent.

Smart backpack

This backpack helps people who are on continuous adventures or travelling. Smart backpacks come with a USB port and a charging cable specially designed to charge your phone. They are also designed with LEDs which glows at night time. A few backpacks also have internal Bluetooth speakers. Hence, they play a major role in travelling because you can charge your mobiles using the backpack. Also, the LEDs work as torch lights during nights.

VR Headsets

VR headsets are the another most trending gadget with an increase in gaming and entertainment. Virtual real headsets are usually used in gaming. This head-mounted device provides stereo sounds, tracking of head motions and gaming controllers. Know they are available with less weight and cheaper price.


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