Fluoride- A friend of your tooth.



Human teeth are covered with a hard coating called the tooth enamel. The enamel is the hardest part of the human body and is made up of different mineral particles combined together.

Fact about Fluoride

These minerals are lost and gained back every day from the enamel due to the routine functioning of the teeth.
The removal of few mineral particles from the teeth is known as demineralization. The adding back of these minerals is called remineralization.

Reasons of The Fluoride

Main reason behind demineralization are the acids formed inside our mouth due to plaque. When a person consumes more carbohydrate rich and sugary food or doesn’t follows proper oral cleanliness practices, this leads to the formation of a layer on the teeth called the plaque. Plaque comprises of many bacteria that react with the food stuck in between the teeth and form acids. These acids start dissolving the minerals from the enamel. If the amount of minerals lost exceeds the amount of minerals added back, it leads to the problem of tooth cavities or decays.

Benefits of fluoride 

Fluoride helps us in keeping our teeth safe and strong in many ways. First of all, the fluoride that we consume either along with water or through toothpastes or any other source, gets mixed up with calcium and phosphate present in our tooth enamel. This combination of calcium, phosphate and fluoride, makes our teeth enamel much more strong and hence protects them from decaying due to acid reaction. When children consume fluoride, it adds up in teeth development procedure. More the fluoride, stronger would be the teeth.

How to choose Fluoride paste

Fluoride is found naturally in many substances like water. We can consume it by simply in taking these items. Another most common and the best way of in taking fluoride is brushing your teeth twice daily. Be careful while purchasing the toothpaste, check for the ADA Seal that ensures that the paste has adequate amount of fluoride in it.


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