Editor Ji: news app based on AI


A former NDTV CEO, Journalist and Author Vikram Chandra have launched a new app on Tuesday, 25th September 2018, Editor Ji. The app works based on Artifical Intelligence and available from Google Play Store and Apple App Store. Additionally, you can download the app at free of cost.

Know more about Editor Ji

Vikram Chandra said that the app will help to tackle spreading of fake news. Also, EditorJi, part of Vikram Chandra’s startup company EditorJi Technologies Private Limited. Currently, EditorJi available in two languages- English and Hindi. Also, users can turn-off the AI mode to manual mode when not required.

News videos on various topics like politics, sports, business, lifestyle, technology and entertainment included. Currently, the app shows more than 100 news videos in a day. Also, a large number of stories expected in near future.

The company said, “There is the need for a simple form factor that can be easily accessed by those who aren’t that familiar with technology. The number of Indians accessing video on the internet is expected to rise from 250 million to 500 million within 3 years. The new users may be handling smartphones for the first time, and hence need a simple, uncomplicated user interface designed for video news. This interface should also be capable of handling multiple languages because a lot of the growth will happen in vernacular languages.”

Apart from providing personalised newscast the app also provides to give an opinion on stories. According to sources, Bharathi Airtel and Hindustan Times media invested in this investment. The company received approximately Rs. 30 crore investments from different sources.

What to expect from the app?

Authentic news, proper quality, no technical failures, local region news, and one-tap access. Users have the facility to delete stories, edit and also record their opinion or block the opinion. Also, sharing of opinion with newscast is an additional feature.  As of now, EditorJi offers free services. As the app open to advertising, not more than 15 seconds of commercial adds embed inbetween stories.

However, the company making tie-ups with other media partners to host news on this app. Hindustan Times already tied-up to host the news on this app. Also, other digital media expected in near future.


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