Dry Skin- Natural skin care tips.


Skin care tips for dry skin.

Dry skin can be a natural trait as well as one due to external affects. Your skin can become dry if you expose yourself to excess of direct sunlight, pollution, dont eat proper food etc.

Dry skin leads to dull look, rashes on skin, irritating skin patches etc. The situation can even get worse if proer care is not taken at the right time.

Here are the best of all home remedies that will surely give you some aid in treating dry skin.

1. Coconut oil.

Coconut oil is an universal home remedy i.e, you can utilize it for any skin problem.

Wash your face properly before sleeping and apply a thin layer of coconut oil over it. Let it stay overnight.

Coconut oil will help in giving moisture to your dry skin. Complementary would be the advantage of its ability of lightening the scars on face.

2. Proper diet.

Dry skin could be a sign that your diet is not proper. It may indicate that you are not consuming eough antioxidents or the needed amout of oil.

Stick to a proper diet. Dont cut off the overall consumption of greasy items such as ghee, butter etc. Your body needs everything in certain quantity.

Eat foods rich in antioxidants as they are very useful in treating  dryness of skin. Such food includes tomatoes, carrots, cucumber, beans etc.

3. Improve your shower routine.

Prefer bathing with normal water despite of hot water. Use soaps or cleansers that are specially created for dry skin and have moisturizing agents in them.

4. Moisturize your skin regularly.

Don’t  ever forget to apply a moisturizer on your face after washing it everytime.

5. Petroleum jelly.

Studies have shown that petroleum jelly products help in keeping the moisture of the skin blocked on surface hence, treating dry skin.

6. Wear gloves.

Always prefer wearing gloves in hands while going out in winter or doing any activity that requires excess water engagement.

7. Use humidifiers.

Use humidifiers in yoir home especially  in winters to avoid drymess in air.



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