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Styling an outfit takes time, and for many women, our daily routine all too often involves running out the door, late for work, and too rushed to think about details like accessories. Adopting a signature accessory is an easy way to solve this everyday fashion dilemma.

A signature accessory is a memorable piece that you always or nearly-always wear, so that you feel at home with it, and other people associate it with you. Wearing a signature accessory is a great way to personalize and punch up any type of outfit: It adds flair to basics and makes wild styles feel more you.

The signature accessory is a technique that many style icons have adopted, including Vogue’s Anna Wintour, best-selling novelist Zadie Smith, style icon Iris Apfel, and Gilmore Girls director Amy Sherman-Palladino. While it requires a bit of work to get your signature accessory right, it pays off big time in the long run.

While it requires a bit of work to get your signature accessory right, it pays off big time in the long run.

What Can a Signature Accessory Do for You?

Personalize Your Everyday Basics

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On days when you wear a simple outfit, a signature accessory can easily kick up your style, no matter what your aesthetic is. Perhaps you prefer easy classics and neutrals. Maybe you work in a conservative office, wear a uniform, embrace minimalism, or telecommute. With little thinking required, because it’s something that you wear every day (maybe even all the time).

Make You More Comfortable with Experimentation

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If you are nervous about trying out a new silhouette or a different vibe, a signature accessory can help you feel more like yourself while you experiment. Yes, you may be wearing a blouse in a color you don’t usually buy, but you’re also wearing that piece you have made an integral part of your personal style. Whether you’re dying over Cate Blanchett’s velvet suits in Ocean’s 8 (me too!) or the current nineties-style, button-front sundress throwbacks, a new style doesn’t feel so different when paired with your grandmother’s pearl earrings or your usual head scarf.

Create Continuity

When you wear a signature accessory, that piece acts as a common denominator across a variety of vastly different looks. Anna Wintour, for example, has used this technique: Her style in the late eighties through the nineties doesn’t look much like her current preference for ladylike dresses with defined shoulders. Still, we recognize her easily in all these different outfits because of her signature accessory—the bobbed haircut she’s sported for the last thirty years.


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