Chris watt Killed his wife and daughters because of an affair


Chris Watt was “actively involved in an affair with a co-worker” before he killed his family. According to allegations in court documents obtained by people.

Watts was charging with first-degree murders of his 15-weeks-pregnant wife, Shanann. Along with his wife he killed his two children and a unborn baby. 4-year-old Bella and a 3-year-old Celeste were the two children. Chris Watt had allegedly denied the affair to police, an arrest affidavit shows. Authorities said they carried out a two-day investigation and confirmed the infidelity, however.

Shanann Watts (right) and her daughters


Investigators have redacted several lines of the affidavit in the paragraph pertaining to the alleged affair. The coworker has not yet been identified.

He also allegedly admitted he killed Shanann — but only after, he claimed, he “went into a rage” when she strangled one of their daughters.

In addition to murder, prosecutors have charged Chris, 33, with three counts of tampering with a dead body and unlawful termination of a pregnancy in the first-degree.

In the intervening days, as investigators worked on what appeared to be a missing persons case, Chris initially said that he had talked to Shanann on Monday after waking up about 5 a.m., after she got home from her work trip just before 2 a.m., and he told her he wanted to separate, the arrest affidavit alleges.

chris watt


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