Breast cancer- Meaning and symptoms.


How to check for breast cancer?


Breast cancer is caused when the cells of a breast start growing rapidly. If the cells grow uncontrollably, it leads to the formation of a tumor. This tumor can be diagnosed through an x-ray and also can be felt as a lump.

These cells become cancerous when they start to spread in the surrounding areas. Though breast cancer is mostly common in women, men could also still experience it.


The earlier symptoms of breast cancer are difficult to diagnose by self. Hence, every woman should go for a checkup regularly after a few months. But there still are some signs that could help you out in checking it by yourself.

Lumps in breast.

A person suffering from breast cancer may feel a lump or swelling in their breast. It is not necessary that the lump will be visible from outside. But, it could be felt. So, check for a lump by just pressing your hands through your breasts.
If you feel any such lump in your breast, don’t avoid it. Go and get a proper medical checkup.

Difference in both sides.

Stand in front of a mirror. Look for the size and shape of both the breasts. Stretch your both arms upwards. If you feel like one breast is heavier than other and not pointing as much as the other, consult a doctor.

Changes in the shape.

If there is any change in the texture of the breast, it could also be a signal of threat. Look for any change in breast texture. Any kind of dimpling or marking or puckering counts.

Change in color.

If you feel like your breast is redder or darker than ever before, consult a doctor.


Inflamed breasts are also a sign of danger. Don’t ignore if you feel any inflammation in your breasts.

Change in nipple.

Do you see any difference in both your nipples? If a nipple undergoes any sudden change, such as being inverted, get a medical checkup as soon as possible.
You can also experience a discharge from your nipple. This is also a sign of cancer. Rashes, marks etc. all should be given attention and should be treated.


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