Breast cancer- Causes and prevention.


Breast cancer- causes and prevention.

In our last blog, we discussed about the meaning of this term, ‘breast cancer’ and the symptoms. Now here we have a list of most common causes of breast cancer.

There are a number of reasons that can lead to this deadly disease. And, most of these reasons are not in human control. But, still, a proper knowledge of these causes can help you out in reducing the risk factor at least a bit.


The most common factor could be seen as being a female. Mostly, women are much more likely to suffer from this disease as compared to men.


Another common factor is age. People above 50 years of age are more likely to get this problem.


According to the doctors, 5 to 10 percent cases of breast cancer are due to the inherited genes. If you have a history of cancer (any type), in your close family, it will increase the risk of you inheriting it.

Personal history.

If you had a breast cancer in one breast, then the chances of it developing in the other is more.


Obesity increases the risk of in a person.

Period cycle.

An irregular period cycle can also be a cause of this cancer. Except this, early start of periods or early menopause also count in the risk factors.


Drinking excessive alcohol increases the risk.

Preventions techniques.

Some of the prevention techniques include-

  • Maintaining a proper weight.
  • Getting a regular and proper medical checkup.
  • Doing a self-assessment every now and then.
  • Sticking to a healthy diet plan.
  • Avoiding birth control pills.
  • Limiting the consumption of alcohol.
  • Regular exercising.

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