If you’re wearing boxers then stop doing it right now and read this


Men who wore boxers showed higher sperm count then those who wore briefs and jockeys says studies.

According to new observation and studies the male partners who go infertility treatment in labs wore tight briefs and underwear which is the reason for lower sperm counts and sperm concentration and higher levels of a hormone that can indicate trouble in the testicles, according to the report published in Human Reproduction.

Study also say that this doesn’t effect much but “If you’re planning to have babies soon, its time to shop new boxers and make some airy space.

The study on boxers

In the study of 646 men who were members of couples seeking treatment at the Fertility Clinic at Massaschusetts General Hospital between 2000 and 2017.

All the men were between 32 and 39, these men did go through many surveys that included questions about the style of underwear they had been wearing for the previous three months.

Their options were: boxers, jockeys, bikini, briefs and “other.”After adjusting for other factors like age, weight and the time of day the sample was collected, researchers found that men who wore boxers had a 25 percent higher concentration of sperm and 17 percent higher sperm count than those who favored other underwear styles.

After fine-tuning the factors in men like age, weight and the time of day the sample was collected, researchers found that men wearing boxers had more sperm count then those wearing tight fitting underwear.

The finding

The reason briefs may impact sperm counts is that they keep the testes close to the body, Chavarro said. “We’ve known for a while that spermatogenesis is very sensitive to temperature.

That’s the main reason they reside outside the abdominal cavity. The testes of men wearing tighter fitting underwear would be exposed to higher temperatures than those wearing looser fitting ones.”

The implications

“If you’re just walking along in an air conditioned room, it’s probably not going to make much difference between boxers and briefs,” said Fisch, who was not involved in the study.

“But if you’re exercising and wearing tighter underwear, you’re probably putting your testicles at risk for heat.” Says the study head scientist.

Heat is the only factor that has consistently been found to affect sperm production, Fisch noted. “That’s why you see seasonal variations in sperm count,” he added. “It’s lower in hotter seasons.

That’s also why we tell men not go into Jacuzzis.”And while the underwear effect is not “dramatic,” Fisch said.




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