Blogging and blog- Meaning and types




The term blog is derived from the phrase, ‘web blog’. Initially, blogging started as a means by which the blogger tried to tell about their day or about their personal experiences. Basically, at the initial stage, it started as a journal of the blogger published on web.


Blogs are a kind of posts available on a website on the World Wide Web. The motive of any blog or blogging website, is to inform the readers about a particular topic or to discuss about it.

A blog is usually written in an informal style like a diary entry. A blogger updates the blogs very frequently as compared to other websites.


Eventually, with time, the blog world expanded. The activity which was initially concerned with only posting personal experiences, now has become a vast field. There are a numerous types of blogs available on the World Wide Web nowadays on a numerous websites. Some examples are-

Personal blogging.

These are the original or the first kind of blogs that were introduced in the blogging world.
In a personal blog, the blogger simple posts his/ her journal on the internet through a website. The motive of the blogger seems to share his thoughts, feelings, experiences etc. on a particular topic or talk about a particular day of his life.
Though these were the initial kinds of blogs, these are very much in trend till date.

Niche blogging.

This is the most common type in the recent era. A blogger posts content related to a particular niche say, food, fashion or travel blogging etc.
These blogs not necessarily need to be about a personal experience. These could simply be anything interesting related to the niche adopted by the blogger.

Business blogging.

The main focus of these types of blogs is the promotion of a particular business. Most of the leading companies nowadays, have a blog section in their official websites which tells about their business, services, strengths etc. The motive of these blogs is to promote the business and gather more and more public interest.

Reverse blogging.

This a new trend where, a company or website allows the public to post blogs on ay relevant topic. The company behind the website, hires some officials to ensure proper functioning and updating of the blogs.


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