Bhangarh- The Haunted Fort


India’s Most Haunted Site- Bhangarh Fort

Rajasthan, a land of amusing sights, striking legends, colorful rituals and festivities; is surely a treat to the eyes of the seeker. From bravura forts showcasing the grandeur of this outstanding state and its culture, every corner of this land promises to attract your attention. One of the most fascinating and historically dug sight of this land is the famous Bhangarh Fort.


Settled in nearly about 17th century, at the border of the Sariska Tiger Reserve in the Alwar district of Rajasthan, Bhangarh fort is known to be the most haunted place in India.
The fort is located at the foot of the Aravali hills. The nearest airport from the fort is the Jaipur International Airport.


The Kachwaha ruler of Amber, Raja Bhagwant Singh built this fort for his younger son Madho Singh in the 17th century.

The legend of the haunted fort.

As you visit the Bhangarh fort, you will come across a number of legends associated to the haunted place. One of the most famous legend is about a curse of a tantrik.

According to the legend, there was a princess named Ratnavati. She was the daughter of ruler Chatr Singh. The princess was extremely gorgeous and famous for the same cause. She received many marriage proposals from the prince of different states.

There was a tantric who fell in love with the undeniable beauty of the princess. Very well aware of the fact that she was way out of his destiny and being a well-trained tantric in black magic, he thought of a wicked idea.

The tantric casted a spell on a bottle of perfume which the princess’s maid was buying. The spell assured that as soon as the princess uses the perfume on her she will fell in love with the evil tantric.

However, princess Ratnavati came to know about this evil act of the tantric and threw the bottle of perfume on a huge rock. This rock apparently, crushed the tantric to death under its weight. But before dying, the tantric cursed the princess and the land.

The next year after the demise of the tantric, Bhangarh and Ajabgarh fought a war against each other. Eventually, Bhangarh lost and from that day the land became barren.

The current scenario of the fort.

The Bhangarh now lies in the ruins of the destroyed land. As it is declared dangerous by the Archaeological Survey of India or ASI, visitors are not allowed to stay there after sunset. But, one can enjoy the serenic beauty of the haunted Bhangarh fort, along with the beautiful Someshwar Temple located at the lower case of the fort, during the day time.


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