Benefits of Walking: 30 minutes a day


Walking is the best medicine for improving overall health. Moreover, there are no age restrictions for walking. Researches proved that a large number of benefits exists with walking. Today we will know about the benefits of walking, how much walking is needed and many more.

Benefits of Walking

There are uncountable benefits of walking from improving skin tone to fighting diseases and I have listed a few major benefits.

Blood Circulation

Walking improves blood circulation. While walking each and every muscle, bone gets activated. Also, the supply of oxygen increases to the brain. with the improved blood circulation, your skin tone improves.

Good bone strength

Walking regularly helps you to attain good bone strength. Also, walking aids in reducing the bone fracture, osteoporosis and prevents bone density loss. Additionally, you maintain good posture.

Muscle strengthening

As you become old, your muscle strength decreases. Hence, to tone up muscles and to prevent loss of muscle strength, walk daily.

Improves Digestion

Gastric problems, constipation, bloating all sorts of digestion problems can be eliminated if you walk daily for 30 minutes. Thus, walking helps in keeping the digestive system healthy.

Weight Loss

Walking is good if you want to decrease your weight. Walking helps to burn a good amount of calories in turn which reduces weight. According to sources, few experiments have proven that obese people reduce weight if they walk daily for 30 to 40 minutes for 4 to 5 weeks. Walking is the best exercise to lose weight.

Boosts Immune System

To stay healthy, your body needs to fight with diseases and infections. Walking aids to attain boost up the B-cells and T-cells which boost the immune system. Also, body cells activate with the good immune system.

Stress Reliever

Walking is considered as good stress buster or stress reliever because while walking you breathe in and out regularly that helps to relieve tension and stress. Also, stimulates the nervous system.


Walking helps a lot especially for pregnant women because of blood circulation, muscle strength, bone strength. Also, it eases at the time of delivery. Walking keeps both the baby and pregnant women healthy.

How much should you walk daily?

Doctors say that 30 minutes of walk daily will boost you with energy and overall health. However, many people say that we will be working and as part of your travel we walk to catch our bus or transport. But this walking is not what you need. A person should walk in fresh air with a relaxed mind either in the morning hours or evening hours.

If you are a beginner then start with shorter distances and then gradually increase the distance. Any time if you feel lazy and want to stop walking read the article again and always keep in mind that walking has ‘n’ number of benefits.


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