Anxiety- The fear of fearness.


Anxiety- How to fight with it?

Anxiety means the continuous feeling of fear, stress, apprehension etc. especially regarding future.

It is a normal human behavioural trait but, when it exceeds the normal situation, eventually it may turn into a dangerous disorder.

Excess anxiety may make your mind stressful psyching yourself up.

Though , there are a number of drugs available in the market to fight anxiety and stress. But, these drugs come with a list of negative effects such as increased hunger, lack of sleep etc. and with heavy on pocket rice tags.

So here we are with some easy drug-free ways to get rid of anxiety.

1. Talk out to a friend .

The best way of getting rid of any stressful thought or anxious thought is by spilling it out. Tell whatever is going in your mind to any trusted friend or family member.

Talking about your stress-giving thoughts will take over some burden off your mind giving you a relaxing breathe.

2. Sleep well.

Sleeping helps your mind to relax for a while. So, try to engage yourself in sufficient amount of sleep throughout the day.

Except this, sleepliness also gives your mind time to grow anxiety further.

As long as you are awake without any work to be done actually, your mind will itself think of something to actually overthink about. This will increase your stress level leading to increased anxiety.

3. Exercising.

You may have heard that exercising helps in your physical as well as mental development. Actually, it’s true.

Regular exercising helps in the stimulation of certain hormones or chemicals in the body that help in proper regulation of stress.

It’s  not important that you engage yourself in heavy exercising or gymming. Just a few minutes of walking or yoga may also help you out a lot.

4. Examine your anxiety.

Different people get anxious about  different issues such as personal, financial  etc. Know what triggers your anxiety and try to minimize that source.

5. Stay positive.

Before trying to get rid of stress, you have to first try to be positive in all situations. Positivity fights out all the negative thoughts which lead to stress or anxiety.

Whenever your mind becomes uncertain about something or starts fearing about it, think that is there any positive chances as well regarding the situation. Your answer will surely be yes because, there’s  always something positive about every little situation.

Find out that positive side and keep it in your mind.

6. Stay strong.

If you really want to achieve anything in your life, first and foremost you have to make up your mind. Be prepared for a few setbacks.

You cannot build a home in a second. It takes a lot of time and effort. So does everything else.
Coping up with anxiety needs patience and a strong will power.



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