Animal Cruelty Incident in Ahmedabad


Another animal cruelty case- A stray dog chained to auto and dragged.

After rapes and sexual torture to animals, bad living conditions and exploiting them, here comes yet another incident of animal cruelty. An auto driver in Hyderabad, cruelly chained a stray dog to his auto and dragged it for about two kilometers. This brutal incident took place on Jubilee Hills on Friday night.

We say animals are dangerous to humans but, whereas such cruel incidents tend to destroy our faith in humanity. The act was so brutal that the animal is still suffering through a very serious health condition.

An animal rights activist, Sravya Varma, spotted the inhuman act and instantly rescued the dog. The NGO People for Animals (PFA) informed police about the animal cruelty incident.

The members of PFA have informed that the dog that suffered is brought to PFA animal rescue home. They also added that, the dog suffered internal bleeding and has experienced several injuries all over the body because of which it is in a critical condition.

The Jubilee Hills police has seized the vehicle involved in this brutal act of animal cruelty. Police filed a case under section 336 of the IPC and the Prevention of Cruelty Act, 1960.

Such incidents of animal cruelty show that slowly humans are turning into monsters. They don’t care about other creatures. Government should take strict actions against such cruel people who harm innocent creatures without any reason. Animal cruelty should become a strictly punishable offense in every society so as to protect thise speechless creatures.


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