Alluring Teej festival.


The festival of swings and flowers- Teej.

India is a land full of beautiful festivals and colorful religions. One such alluring and pleasing festival of this diverse land is the Teej festival.

Teej is a monsoon special festival. Many states like Rajasthan and Punjab celebrate this beautiful festival. Mainly girls and women celebrate this beautiful festival. They emerge themselves in fun activities like singing dancing along with the religious practices.

The time of the celebration.

People celebrate Hartalika teej in the mosoon season. It is celebrated on the third day after amavasya. This is why it is called Teej ( meaning third).

Significance of this festival.

There are two main reasons behind this glorifying festivity. First and the most important reason seems to be the belief that on this day, Goddess Parvati reunified with her husband Lord Shiva after a long period of separation.

Hence on this day, the female population of many states pray to goddess Parvati. The married women pray for a happy and long life of their husband. Unmarried girls pray the goddess to grant them with a perfect life partner and a blissful married life.

Moreover the festival also sets a beautiful welcome to the beautiful season of monsoon. The celebration starts when there are attractive flowers and greenery all around so as to announce the inset of monsoon season.

Teej Rituals and Celebrations.

On the day of Teej, women and girls get ready in a very gorgeous manner. They apply henna on their hands and feet and wear lahriya (colorful sarees with a lined pattern) sarees. Lahriya is a specialty of this unique festival. They adorn themselves with amazing jewelry from head to toe.

You can see women singing and dancing on religious and folk songs during Teej. They do so because, they want to please their gods and moreover, celebrate thier reunion. Rajasthani people conduct special Teej fairs with a number of fun and colorful activities  and stalls. In Jaipur, a parade is also conducted from Tripolia Gate in order to showcase the importance of Teej.

People decorate the temples of goddess Parvati with beautiful flowers. They decorate idols of the goddess with attractive dresses and jewelry. Women hang swings under trees in the gardens and play there in groups. Ropes of the swings look stunning with marigold flowers decorated all over them.

Women and girls perform a strict fast during the day probably for the reason that their husbands live a longer and happier life. People exchange a special kind of Rajasthani sweet called Ghevar during Teej.

Mothers send Sinjharas to their married daughters on this special day. Sinjhara is a kind of gift pack which includes all those things associated with married women. Sindoor, henna or mehendi, bangles, bindi, jewelry, bright colored lehriya saree and ghevar are some of them.



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