Todays necessity for life- Social Media


Role of social media in people’s life today.

The meaning of social media

In general sense, social media refers to the websites or application that use social networking to help you share and create content, messages or information.

Current status of social media in our lives.

A few years back, most of us didn’t had any bit of knowledge about what exactly social media means. A few years later we started having a sense about its existence but even then, we didn’t had the sources to use it frequently. But today, we all know what social media is and we have well developed sources to access it as well.

All this has been able because of the technical development that took place during last few years.
Due to this technical development, social media just not came into existence, moreover it came an undeniable and vital part of our lives. Nowadays, none of us can imagine our daily routine without social networking access. We start our days with watsapp messages wishing good morning. Let’s have a look on for what all things we depend on this new form of media-

Instant information.

There were times when the only source of information were those lengthy and boring newspapers. One had to wait till morning to get any information. But, nowadays we all rely on social sites for any instant information. Social media has become the fastest way of getting and transferring any information. All it takes is to type a content or upload a picture and press that send option.

Global communication.

Social media sites has proved itself to be the best source of global communication till today. A person could easily talk to another person living thousands of miles away. All you need is an internet connection and any mobile phone or laptop or computer to support it.

In short, social networking sites has taken away the stress of those long procedures of writing and sending letters or paying plenty of your income in telephone bills.

Sharing your memories.

Through social media, we can share our pictures or videos anytime and anywhere. Moreover, it helps us in keeping all our memories safe digitally. It has wiped out the trend of those hard to handle photographs.


Social media today, serves as a very up to date and excellent means of entertainment. We can watch several types of entertainment such as movies, songs, serials and many more from all over the world. Basically, it has become a tool to spend our leisure time.

Business marketing.

Social media not only serves as a medium of enjoyment or fun and frolic activities, it also helps in marketing of businesses. In present day, most of the leading companies are using social networking platforms to promote and grow their business.

These were just a few of the enormous uses of social media. But, just like any other aspect in our lives, this new development too have both positive as well as negative effect on our lives. If not used properly, it could prove to be a dangerous technical development as well. So, be sure that you use social facilities very smartly and carefully.



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