5 things child should know before schooling


Every Parent will be enthusiastic to join their child in good schools or highest rated school. So, parents should prepare their children a few basic etiquettes. Also, the child should be taught necessary things before schooling to avoid ambiguity and mingle up in the classroom.

Schooling Basics

Well-Prepared children will have a good head start in the next years of their schooling. By practising all this simple necessary, compulsory and basic things you make your kid confident. Most importantly a confident child will not reject to go to school.

1) Communicate necessary things

Teach your child basic communication things. They must be capable of communicating all their necessary requirement to the teacher. Also, they must communicate well with their friends to be in a group else they will feel lonely at school. Another important thing, greet your children at the different time of the day so they get habituated to great their teacher “Good Morning”, “Good Evening”.

2) Feed themselves and dress

Practice your child to manage their buttons, zips of dresses. Also, teach them to open their water bottles and tiffin boxes without spilling. Allow your child at home to have their own breakfast and lunch themselves either by using a spoon or hand. Make sure your child wash their hands before having food.

3) sharing things


This is the most important aspect every child should know and this is how they can mingle with others. Play with your child such that each can share the toys and do colouring along with them. So, they can know how to share with peers in school without fighting.

4) Identify patterns, colours and more

Identifying patterns will help to develop essential analytical skills. Teach your child colours by different innovative methods daily. While dressing, tell them which colour of the dress they are wearing and give them different coloured spoons to finish the food and ask them to identify the colour. For pattern recognition and matching ask them to pick similar objects and keep aside.

5) Listening

Before schooling your child should able to follow the instruction said to them like two-part and three-part instructions. “Put your colours and books in shelf” are two-part instructions. “Bring me a plate, spoon and bowl” are three-part instructions. Every child should follow these simple instructions to follow the words said by the teacher.

Always teach your children in a play-way method. Apart from this also teach your child the usage of three basic & powerful words – Sorry, Excuse me and Please.


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