5 reasons to say NO to Junk Foods


Pizza, Burger, Cakes, Ice-creams, Chocolates, French Fries etc all mouth-watering dishes, good to taste but are unhealthy foods. They may satisfy your taste and hunger but simultaneously they damage the body metabolism. However, the damage caused by consuming junk foods may be a long time or a short time.

Common reasons to avoid Junk foods

These foods are prepared using refined sugar and have high amounts of saturated fats. There are a large number of problems caused by eating them. A  migraine, decrease in immunity, depression, weakness, fatigue, obesity, digestion troubles and many more. The top reasons to avoid them are listed below:

Increase belly fat

Those who are consuming those foods on regular basis are more prone to obesity. The fat obtained by them will be accumulated around your belly. Thus, increasing the size of the belly and you may look funny. According to research, persons consuming these foods gain weight very rapidly when compared to others who are not consuming the food.

No nutrient values

By eating them you may end with zero nutrient value. These foods can be prepared very fast or also prepared using chemicals with good shelf life. In this process, even the minute nutrient value may be lost. Many argue that few foods stuffed with vegetables or topped with tons of veggies have nutrients or vitamins in them. But have you ever thought of how they are being used? Are they safe to consume them? Because those veggies will be chopped more than an hour back, sometimes even more. It is not safe to consume veggies which are chopped very long back.

Digestive Problems

The fibre content of food aids in digestion but junk food lack those fibre content resulting in improper digestion. Many junk food have oil submerged in it which sticks to the stomach lining. Thus increasing acidity and gastric troubles. It is found that people who consume them regularly are affected with GERD-Gastroesophageal reflux disease and irritation bowl syndrome.

Chances of cancer

Many research studies show that due to the excess consumption of junk foods increase the cancer cells. As they lack in fibre and has the high amount of saturated fats, refined sugar and oil.

Type 2 Diabetes

The main reason for type 2 diabetes is lack of resistance to insulin level. Junk food has the good amount of sugar directly or indirectly. They are consumed directly and hence the sugar contents rich your stomach directly affecting your body. Regular supply of glucose may also result in an unhealthy condition or prone to diseases adding extra stress both physical & mental.

Stay healthy, if you love yourselves more!!


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