5 boosting oils for facial skin


Why do we need boosting oils for a face?

Facial skin is the most sensitive part of the skin and also easily prone to dirt, pollution, acne and many more. On the regular usage of the boosting oils for your face, you may overcome arisen problems. Boosting oil make your facial skin smoother, healthy & wrinkle free. Most importantly, for any skin type always test the oil before applying on entire face.

Olive oil

Olive oil has vitamins like A, D, E, k and also it has the great moisturizing capacity. Also, olive oil has antibacterial and antioxidant properties. Though it consists of huge benefits it does not suit better for oily skin or sometimes people suffering from skin diseases. Now, a large number of beauty products, cosmetics available in the market using this oil. Olive oil works great as a good moisturizer, any excess oil applied can be wiped off. Also, it helps a lot in removing eye-makeup like n0n-smudge eye products like Mascara, eyeliner, Kajal.

Almond oil

It is packed with Vitamin E and Vitamin A. On the regular usage of pure almond oil your skin becomes healthy. Also, it works well as natural face makeup remover. Prevents ageing and removes tan. When the oil is applied to dark circles it treats well. Remove tan from your face by massaging almond oil with your fingertips on to your face.

Coconut oil

We have a large number of benefits from coconut oil either it is for skin or hair. The saturated fats present in the skin aids to acts as a good moisturizing agent. You can remove the dirt on your face easily. It cleans deep pores and tries to remove dead cells. You can achieve even skin tone and smoother skin. coconut oil gives instant relief from sunburn.

Vitamin E oil

As the name suggests it has large amounts of vitamin E present in the oil. The number of benefits for vitamin E oil is endless. The major benefit is this oil improves your dry skin. Also, it can treat wrinkles, pigmentation, scars and brown spots. Vitamin E oil rejuvenates the cells present on the skin by enhancing the brighter skin. Also, it can treat stretch marks caused during pregnancy. Works as a great cleanser.

Castor oil

Castor oil is filled with proteins, vitamin E, Omega 6 & 9. It has great soothing quality and works wonder for dry skin. Apply this oil on your face to remove acne problem, wrinkles, chapped skin. Oil penetrates in the skin very easily and hence the deeper layers of the skin also have nourishment. Moreover, if the oil is used regularly it reduces blemishes and scars. Also, it has great pigmentation reducing capacity.


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