5 Best natural cleanser for face


Are you tired of using chemical based cleansers for the face? Do you want to use an organic or natural cleanser? Here, we have listed the best 5 natural cleansers for the face. They are easy to use and do not cause any harm.

5 Natural Cleanser


I have listed the Alovera as the topmost cleanser because of the number of benefits for the skin. Alovera not only helps to remove the dirt on the skin but also makes the skin smooth and shining. Also, it has anti-inflammatory properties.

How to Use?

Cut the Alovera piece from the plant, wash it thoroughly. Peel off the skin and remove the gel. Finally, apply the gel directly on the face and rub in a circular motion with your fingers. Wash your face when it dries completely.


Lemon is the perfect cleanser for any type of skin. It removes tan from the face and has great antiseptic, anti-bacterial properties. Also, lemon makes the skin brighter, smoother and gives the instant glow. Presence of citrus helps to remove dead cells on regular usage.

How to Use? 

First of all, wash the lemon which is to be used. Next, cut the lemon into a half. Squeeze the liquid from the piece of lemon and rub the liquid on to your face in circular motion. You can also apply directly with the piece of lemon by rubbing gently on to your face in a circular motion. Wash your face after 15 to 20 minutes.


Curd consists of natural bacteria which help to give extra nourishment to the skin. On regular usage, you can improve your complexion. Also, it aids in removing dirt from the pores. Presence of good bacteria curd helps to reduce acne.

How to Use?

Take curd on to your fingers then rub gently on to your face in circular motion. Rub curd all over face and wash it when the curd dries. This will give you an instant glow. On regular usage, the skin tone changes.


Honey has greater smoothing properties, good moisture and it also fights from ageing. Due to the presence of antioxidant properties, it is good from slowing ageing. Also, honey gives an immense boost to the complexion.

How to Use?

Apply honey all over face, then gently rub it with your finger-tips. Also, you can apply honey on lips to have nice lips. Wash your face after honey dries out.

Turmeric & Milk

Turmeric is packed with amazing benefits for the skin. It has great anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory properties, antiseptic properties. Turmeric helps to remove facial hair if used regularly. Also, it reduces tan, scars and acne from the facial skin. While milk removes dirt from the skin in addition to they fight off microbial bacteria. These microbes are the reason for acne. Additionally, milk moist your face.

How to Use?

Mix milk and turmeric into a fine paste, then rub the paste gently all over face using your finger-tips. Allow it to dry, then wash your face. If you are worried about stain then add chickpea powder.


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