20 years of Google journey


Google is celebrating its birthday with a fun-filled Google doodle. Today’s Google doodle highlights all the popular searches throughout two decades of Google journey.

The animation video starts by showing ‘Google’ letters in ballon form attached to a blue colour gift box. On tapping the video it shows all the popular searches like ‘what is google’, ‘what will happen on Y2K?’, ‘How does autotune work?’, ‘royal wedding’, ‘How do you pronounce gif?’ and many more. Finally, a thank you message from Google ends the video. Don’t miss to watch the animated Google Doodle. It is more fun and informative.

Officially Google also blogged their ’20 notable Doodles’. Click here to see more about the “20 notable doodles from google history”.

Google’s Origin

Larry Page and Sergey Brin began Google as part of their research project in 1996 while pursuing PHD at Stanford University, Calfornia. They named the new search engine as “BackRub” which was eventually termed as Google. Before the official incorporation of Google company the search engine run under Stanford University. google.stanford.edu

Google Journey

In 1997, the domain name got registered as ‘Google’ on September 15. In 1998, it was incorporated. They hired their fellow PHD student as the first employee. From the garage to a well-established company, the team members of Google worked hard for achievements.

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