15th August 1947: The release from invisible bars



15th August every year is celebrated since 1947. The day when people of India were released from invisible bars of Britishers. Britishers who had our country for around 200 years finally gave us our own country back.

Independence day

We celebrate this day as a national day today. To school children this day is just to give speech or participate in parade. All of us have forgotten the real meaning of this day. Let’s move backward today and see what actually happened that day.

What,When,Where and how ?

It was exactly 400 years from now the british secret love for India began. In 1608 the first ship from East India Company named “Hector” came to India through Surat. After the first arrival EIC took permission from Mughal to trade with Indian. From a humble beginning the East India Company’s trade and commerce began to multiply. The Company established several trading posts in various parts of India especially on the east and west coast.

For 150 years EIC did trading between India and Europe. After 150 years of trade EIC took Indian trading in there hands even better than Indians. EIC made good profit from trading spices and goods in England and European countries. In between all this the Mughal Emperor-ship began to loosen and EIC grew stronger. But in may 1857 there was the revolt by Indians, However they failed because of lack of unity and coordination. Queen Victoria in her famous Proclamation of 1858 transferred political power from the East India Company to the British Crown and the Queen became the Empress of India.

The positive Aspect

British rule despite many flaws had many favorable terms too. They established the principle of equality before the law and the rule of law. They also established a hierarchy of law courts and drafted the Indian Penal Code. The introduction and spread of the English education and establishment of the Universities in 1857 at Bombay, Madras and Calcutta. These universities led to the emergence of a new urban middle class and later actively participated in the freedom movement. Through various social legislations the British government tried to abolish such inhuman practices as ‘Sati’ and female infanticide.

After 1858, local political associations especially in Bengal, Maharashtra and Madras came to be organized. A retired British civil servant, Allan Octavian Hume founded the Indian National Congress in 1885 which became a common forum to nationalist leaders from different parts of the country. Initially. The primary objective of the Indian National Congress was to secure political, economic and other reforms from the British rulers. However, gradually the Indian National Congress became the official organization of India’s freedom struggle.

Divide and Rule

Britisher had one rule which was “Divide and Rule”. So they successful in separating Hindu and Muslims wish was a happy news for Britishers because this broke the unity. Gradually, the Muslim League under the leadership of Muhammad Ali Jinnah put forward the demand for a separate nation for the Muslims within India.

Then in 1920 came Mahatma Gandhi with his ‘Satyagraha’ and non-violence. He also launched a movement against British Empire and did using non-cooperation and civil disobedience. Thousands of freedom fighters sacrificed their lives for the sake of freedom. Millions of people including nationalist leaders underwent many years of imprisonment.

The Second World War (1939-45) proved to be a catalyst in India’s freedom struggle. Mahatma Gandhi gave a call to the British ‘to quit India and leave the country in the hands of God’. The Quit India Movement was widespread leading to British brutality and death of thousands of freedom fighters.

At the mid-night of August 14-15, 1947, the Union Jack, the symbol of British political power over India was lowered from the flag post and its place was taken by the Indian tri-colour indicating the passage of India from bondage to freedom. Jawaharlal Nehru’s ‘Tryst with destiny’ speech in the Constituent Assembly summed up the pain that the country had undergone and hope for the future.

15th August: The national Festival

Every year every Indian celebrates this national festival. Schools, colleges have several programs on this day. Even the local communities have celebration.

But I question every Indian that is this what you consider real freedom. Left by one and caught by other. We are still trapped in cages. Cages of disobedience, dirt, corruption, backward thinking, lack of education, lack of employment, low Economic stability.

Try to really free and help this country be a care free bird again.

HAPPY INDEPENDENCE DAY to every reader out there.


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